Senator Todd Young
is the Two-Faced
Politician All Hoosiers
Can't Trust.

Two-Faced Todd says one thing in Indiana,
but does another in Washington, D.C.

Making fun of his fellow Republicans

In Indiana

Todd Young frequently defended former President Donald Trump.

In Washington DC

Todd bragged about how he doesn't need Donald Trump's endorsement for reelection.

Young also described Trump supporters as having "anger and resentment" and called them "nutty."

Failing to protect our vets

In Indiana

Todd Young claimed as a Marine he would put "America above ourselves."

In Washington DC

Todd voted against providing 409,000+ Hoosier veterans life-saving health care after war zone trauma.

Lying about out-of-control government spending

Todd Young with Joe Biden

In Indiana

Todd Young criticized Democrats for "socialist spending." He even made the national debt a hallmark of his first run for Congress.

In Washington DC

Todd voted "YES" on spending investments and added more than $16 trillion to the national debt since joining Congress in 2011.

Doing nothing to fix our broken immigration system

In Indiana

Todd Young told Hoosiers he'd "beef up border security" and "strictly enforce" current immigration laws.

In Washington DC

Todd stood by as Congress rejected a 2013 immigration reform package - and our system is still out of control.

Two-faced Todd Young

Hoosiers cannot trust two-faced Todd Young.
He's a liar who will put his own special interests first and Indiana's future last.

After 12 years in Washington,
Two-Faced Todd Young has done nothing
to keep the promises he's made to Hoosiers.

Todd Young is the two-faced politician all Hoosiers just can't trust.